Tips to help you get the best rate on your group medical insurance

In many countries around the world, employers are bound to provide medical insurance to their employees. Some companies buy the cheapest medical insurance plans for their employees to fulfill their legal responsibility. There are those too that provide best medical insurance to each and every employ of their company. But, the smartest employers are those who get group medical insurance for their staff. Group medical insurance is the best option for business owners because it helps them save a good amount of money that they will have to pay by getting individual medical insurance for their employees.

If you are a business owner and you have a good number of locals and foreign employees working in your organization, then you must be looking for group medical insurance and group medical insurance in dubai for them. Good news for you is that you can get the best rate on group medical insurance from the best insurance companies by choosing the right group insurance plan for your employees. To make things easy for you to understand, there are four different plans that you will find under the category of group medical insurance in the market. Let’s take a look at how these plans are different from each other so you could choose the best suitable plan out of them for your employees.

Indemnity insurance plan

This is known as the most expensive plans of medical insurance dubai that are available in the market. One of the major benefits of indemnity plans is that your employees will be able to visit any doctor or hospital of their choice.

Point of service insurance plan

Just like the indemnity insurance plan, your employees will be able to visit a doctor or hospital of their choice but they will have to pay extra for his services to claim reimbursements.

Preferred provider organizations plan

There is not much difference between point of service and preferred provider organizations plans. But this is a little cheaper than preferred provider plan which makes it the most popular group medical insurance plan.

Health maintenance organizations plan

This is the cheapest plan available in the market. Your employees will only be allowed to visit doctors and hospitals that are approved by the insurance company. Moreover your employees will have to get approvals for every prescription they will get from the doctor to claim reimbursements.

All this information will surely help you choose the best suitable group insurance plan for your employees.