What you should know before buying a fire extinguisher

Here is a look into what you should know about fire extinguishers before buying it from fire and safety dubai !

  1. Rating: Rating is all about what kind of fire can be started at your place. There are five classes of fire: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class F, and Electrical Fires. Usually, home fire extinguishers are labeled with A-B-C-D which means that they could extinguish the first classes of fires. Similarly, some extinguishers are titled with A-B-C which means they could extinguish fires that are caused by papers and cloths (Class A), flammable-liquids (Class B) and flammable-gases (Class C). Besides alphabets, numbers are also written that determine the affectivity of the extinguisher. There are extinguishers on which “3-A” and “40-C” are written which means that 40-C is more effective to extinguish flammable-gases-caused fires than 3-A but it does not mean that you can use “C” based extinguisher at homes to halt the fire that is caused by fabric and wood. 
  2. Size: Size neither increases nor decreases the affectivity because it determines the volume of material inside the extinguisher. Bigger extinguishers have more material while small have less quantity of dry powder or water or foam or carbon dioxide. 
  3. Number: The size of your place determines how many extinguishers will be required. If your apartment has four to five rooms then one small extinguishers is enough but if you own two or three-floored office then there is a need to buy two extinguishers and if it is 20 floored building then an owner needs to keep 10 extinguishers at least. The bigger the place, the more extinguishers will be needed to keep in storage.
  4. Management: There is a need to inspect them regularly. The majority of the residential areas have stored pressure fire extinguishers that have firefighting agents and expallant inside the chambers due to which they have to be inspected daily. You would be required to shake them well after two to three days. However, some extinguishers need more inspection. There are cartridge operated extinguishers that need the installation of cartridges to operate them. Such extinguishers should be managed more carefully. 
  5. Method of use: There is a simple method of using an extinguisher. The technique is called as P.A.S.S which says that a person has to Push the safety pin to open the locking mechanism then Aim at the cause of the fire, Squeeze the lever while lifting extinguisher and Sweep the spraying side from one side to another side until the content gets dry on the source of the fire. 

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