What Are The Activities Of Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone?

Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) is a free zone in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE, dedicated to the publishing and printing industry. It is the first free zone in the world that caters specifically to the needs of the publishing industry. SPC offers publishers, authors, and printing companies various services and facilities. This article will discuss the activities of the Sharjah Publishing free zone.

Publishing services

Sharjah Publishing City provides its clients with a range of publishing services, including editorial, translation, design, printing, and distribution services. Publishers can access all these services in one location, which saves them time and resources. SPC offers digital publishing services, such as e-book production, app development, and online distribution.

Printing and packaging

SPC has state-of-the-art printing and packaging facilities that handle all printing and packaging requirements. The printing and packaging services include offset printing, digital printing, large-format printing, and packaging design. SPC also offers bookbinding, finishing, and laminating services.

Training and development

SPC provides training and development programs for professionals in the publishing and printing industry. These programs cover various topics, including editorial skills, design and layout, printing technology, and digital publishing. The training and development programs are designed to improve the skills and knowledge of professionals in the industry and keep them updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Event management

SPC hosts various events throughout the year, including book fairs, literary festivals, and conferences. These events provide opportunities for publishers, authors, and industry professionals to network, showcase their work, and learn about new trends and technologies in the publishing industry. SPC also provides event management services like venue rental, event planning, and marketing.

Business support services

SPC offers a range of business support services to its clients, including company registration, visa processing, banking, and insurance services. SPC also provides legal and accounting services, translation and interpretation services, and marketing and advertising services.

Intellectual property protection

SPC’s dedicated department helps its clients protect their intellectual property rights. The department advises and assists with copyright and trademark registration, licensing agreements, and infringement issues.

Sharjah Publishing City is a unique free zone that caters specifically to the needs of the publishing and printing industry. It offers its clients a wide range of services and facilities, including publishing services, printing and packaging, training and development, event management, business support services, and intellectual property protection.