Types of Abaya

Abaya is a long, full-sleeved and gown like dress that Muslim women wear around the world. They consider it as a modest dress. Women wear abaya over their dress to cover themselves. Many of them wear it regularly while some wear abaya occasionally. Therefore, there is a wide range of abaya available in markets. There are different types of abaya in shopping malls. Some of them are:

Khaleeji Abaya

It is a loose and elegant that feels like a tissue paper due to its lightweight fabric that is originally from Saudi Arabia. Khaleeji Abaya has large round or V-neckline. The abaya is quite loose. Therefore, women use Khaleeji abaya works well in summer with its wide drape and small openings for the sleeves at the sides.

Open button Abaya

This type of abaya is easy to wear with its open front with buttons. You can simply wear it like a jacket. It is preferred by many women because it is breast-feeding friendly. It comes in many designs and lengths but half button abaya is the most common open button abaya.

Abaya Cardi

Abaya Cardi is one of the best types of abaya for summer as it is open in front but it has no buttons. The abaya may or may not come with a sash or belt which gives it the cardigan name. If you want to look trendy and fashionable in abaya, this is definitely the type of abaya you should get.

Closed Abaya

Closed abaya is a plain and traditional one. It does not have any buttons or belts. All you have to do is to slip it over your head to wear it. That’s the biggest advantage of it. Closed Abaya goes all way to your feet. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about what you are wearing underneath as it goes all the way to your feet.

Tiger print Abaya

Tiger print abaya comes in all types. Its lightweight and flowy tiger print adds a glamourous look to its wearer. Most of them have side pockets and a belt that make the drape more stylish and trendy.

So, these are few types of abaya that you should try at least once in your life time. You can shop abaya online in Dubai from the shops of evening gowns in Dubai and other parts of the world.