Things to know about self-storage facilities

First of all you need to know what storage facilities are and what they offer. Basically, a single self-storage unit consists of large number of separate spaces built together. They are designed as per purpose of renting or leasing it to separate individual or companies for personal or business use. By paying monthly rent, the user can use them for as long as they want. Users can use them to store anything they want. Users get the only key to their self-owned storage space so only they have access to their unit. Due to increase in demand these new self-storage facilities are getting bigger in size and mostly have 2 story building. Different size of units is built and you can get one with the size of your requirement. The trend of storage space in Dubai is also increasing day by day with the increase in population or business. Following are some key features of modern kind of self-storage in city:

1: Units of each size varying from smaller to bigger
2: Enough Light
3: Steel made movable panels b/w each unit
4: Climate change proof unit that can resist rain or moisture to prevent your stuff
5: Proper security system with CCTV cameras
6: Barred walls or taller security gates
7: Security guards
8: Helpers/carts for moving in/out

Tenants of self-storage: This facility is used by different kind of people. Mostly these are used by consumers who contain different needs that might be following:
1: People who need temporary space to store their belonging while shifting from one place to other. This is the most common reason of most people. They are either shifting their home or office and they need someplace to store their stuff until they move to next spot.
2: For business purpose to store equipment, supplies or inventory. Some people stock products in these storage units and sell them later on.
3: Contracting and expanding business need extra space to store things they cannot keep at office any longer.
4: University going students who need to store their dorm room or apartment’s furniture while they are away on holiday. With large number of international universities in Dubai, more student customers are increasing.

Things to avoid while renting:
Although self-storage units are of great use.  The benefits include convenience, flexibility and low cost. But you should make sure that you go through a check-up before getting one. Keep following points in mind:
1: Ask the manager if there is any hidden cost while signing contract.
2: Get monthly package, if you get an yearlong package and don’t need that space for that long then it will be a waste of money.
3: You do not have to pay any advance fee or registration fee. You can find any other good unit with no extra charges and same services. Read here for further information in this regard.