5 Factors To Consider When Picking A Primary School

The role of the academic institution is essential to a child’s growth and development. Being considered as its second home, the school is the best place to foster their academic skills and hone their values. In fact, your kids spend more than eight hours in school when they enter primary school.

Given the importance of this institution, you need to make sure that you will choose the best private international English school in Abu Dhabi to handle your kid’s education. If you are in the process of choosing a school for your kid, be sure to check these factors:

  1. The legibility to operate


Some parents do not check whether the school has the necessary papers to operate. But these details are important. Once the school is subjected to foreclosure due to lack of business permit or violating certain protocols, it can affect the studies the students enrolled in that school. So, it is a must that you check with governing agencies if the school is registered and have the necessary papers to operate in the said area.


  1. The kind of curriculum


This aspect can be a bit overwhelming to think about, since there are different kinds of curriculum available for choosing today. The way to decide about this matter is to check and study each curriculum and check the advantages and disadvantages, including the subjects and programs and the teaching methods. Pick one that will suit your child’s learning style.


  1. The after-school programs


Academics is important, but you need to pay attention to your kid’s passion. A school offering solid after-school program can help your kid to practice their passion and pursue their hobbies. A school supporting clubs and extra-curricular organizations can be a worthy of your list.


  1. The security of the premises


Threats are not only fond outside the premises of the school. You need to check whether the school security is unbending when it comes to barring unauthorized people from coming inside the school but also make sure that the inside of the school is safe for kids. Every corner should be child-proofed.


  1. The teaching staff

The role of teachers and school staff is essential to your kid’s learning process. You need to ensure that the teaching staff is knowledgeable in their area of expertise, but also have the right attitude towards handling kids.

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