Treat urinary tract infections with these home remedies

Countless people around the world, women in particular, suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs). In some cases, these infections have become a constant part of their lives. When left untreated, UTI infections can result in permanent conditions, such as urine incontinence, entailing people to undergo extensive treatment! To help you treat your infections at home, here are a few top-notch remedies that you can try. These have been recommended by a top notch gynecologist clinic in Sharjah:

Drink parsley water

The best part about parsley water is that it is one of the best and most revitalizing after dinner drinks that you can have. Apart from that, it also has the potential to alleviate symptoms of a urinary tract infection. For preparation, all you need is about 2 cups of water and two tablespoons of dried parsley. In case you wish to use fresh parsley, then you will need about half a cup of it.

If you wish to use fresh parsley, you need to stir the leaves into the water once it comes to a boil. Once done, reduce the heat and allow the brew to simmer steadily for 6-10 minutes. This needs to be done till the time that the leaves infuse the water. Strain the brew, discard the leaves, and drink up hot. If you want, a parsley iced tea can also be prepared for the same purpose. If you are interested in using dried Parsley leaves, stir in the leaves in boiling water, cover, and let it steep for 8-10 minutes. Strain and drink at least twice a day. Some of the best gastroenterology doctors in Dubai will tell you how recommended this drink is for better stomach health as well.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you want to use this home remedy to treat UTI, then what you have to do is mix one heaped tsp. of baking soda in a glass of water. This needs to be drunk on a daily basis over an empty stomach. When using apple cider vinegar, mix 2 tbsp. of vinegar in a glass of water and drink at least 20 minutes before eating a meal. You can add honey to make the taste bearable, if you desire. Apart from that, baking soda and apple cider vinegar can be used as a genital wash too. For this, you would need to add a teaspoon of both the ingredients to a bit of lukewarm water and clean the opening of your urethra twice with this water. The bath would alleviate discomfort and sooth the area.

The different types of trade permits

Every single organization out there these days needs to acquire a process license or trade permit before starting a business in Dubai. The law basically deems it necessary for businesses to acquire the right licenses and trade permits from the higher authorities to be able to establish their presence in any of the Emirates of the UAE. No matter the sort of business you want to establish in Dubai or any other emirate of the UAE, make sure that you do not skip out on acquiring a trade permit for it first.


The best three categories of doing a business in Dubai require the association’s permission. To acquire the license, you will need to present the right documents to the right authorities, who will then scrutinize things before granting you a trade permit. The different trade permit categories that are prevalent in the UAE are inclusive of:


  • Commercial permit – granted to an association that is related with the trade;


  • Industrial permit– granted to an association that deals with the idea of manufacturing products;


  • Professional permit – granted to the master associations, specialists, expert, and talented laborers.


All organizations in the UAE must have license to work their business belief systems. Cooperating without license in the UAE is illegal. Considering the different situations, the association may be fined in the region of 5,000 and 50,000 dirhams and get an incite confinement on continuing with its activities. In the event that it is an issue of trade, bargains are moreover illegal without the establishment of a real component that is performed by a man from their own particular space (home).


Individuals that are found running a business in Dubai without a proper permit can get a fine or even a correctional jail term. The yearly cost of the trade permit is around 25,000 dirhams. Working without a license or permit in Dubai is a huge crime and can have a number of negative consequences for the business and the businessman himself.


Today, commencing a business in Dubai has turned out to be speedier and less overwhelming than ever before in times gone by. The Department of Economic Development (DED) has been established in Dubai. Its abilities join helping business visionaries dispatch and broaden their errand escaping extended enlistment and association frames. There are two domains for working in the UAE: Mainland, from one viewpoint, and more than 35 unhindered trade zones including one dedicated to Ajman free zone business setup. It is said that the free zones offer diverse purposes of intrigue dependent upon the kind of business and specific activities you are interested in.

Finding a well-reputed interior design company

If you are planning to enhance the looks of your home then you will have to consider taking on professional help for the best results. You will have to discuss your interior upgrade project with one of the best architectural consultants in Dubai. You will also have to hire a professional interior design company for the professional implementation of your interior design ideas. There are countless interior design companies in the market these days which makes it very difficult to choose the best one out of them for your interior design project. Although if you will keep a few important points in mind when choosing an interior design firm, you will easily end up hiring the best available option out of them. Following are a few important aspects that you must consider when hiring an interior design company:

Get referrals

The first thing that you must do when looking for an interior design company for the interior upgrades of your home is to ask for references from your friends, family members and colleagues. If any of them have acquired the services of an interior design firms recently they will be able to provide you best information about the quality of their services based on their personal experience.

Check their reputation online

Next, it is time for you to check the websites of the interior designer that your social acquaintances have referred to you. The look and feel of their website will give you a good hint about their dedication to their customers and how passionate they are about their work. You should also check out the feedback and testimonials that they have received on multiple review websites. While you are at it, go through their portfolio as well. The portfolio would be available on their website and will give you a good idea about the level of their services. Go through it carefully and see whether they offer the sort of creativity and expertise that they you are interested in.

Contact them

Get in touch with the UAE interior design companies that you have shortlisted based on their reviews and portfolio to discuss your design requirements and needs. Ask for their ideas as well and see what they have to offer. Acquire information about the timeline that they require to finish off the project. Ask them about the cost involved to pick the one that suits your budget best.


Traveling Dubai in your trademark style – Know this

No matter how you look at it, you will almost always conclude that Dubai is one amazing city to be. The place has so much on offer for tourists that one gets confused about what to visit first. It is quite interesting to note that this city, unlike some other tourism centric places in the world that focus on just one or two aspects, has everything on offer for all. Suffice to say that Dubai is meant for all, and gives everyone a one of a kind experience. Now come to the other side of things. When a tourist centric city like Dubai is offering so much to you, would it not make sense to check it all out properly? Hasting things during your trip will not work and might not even let you enjoy the trip as you had imagined. It will only make things worse and make you feel frustrated.

With that said, you should do something about it. The best way is to explore the place is to do it in a rental car. Though the idea sounds a little odd at first, the moment you will sit in the rent a luxury car in Dubai, you will begin to feel things. One can feel the adrenaline flowing in the body while sitting in such cars. Now imagine how will you feel when passing through the streets of one of the hottest tourist centric cities in the world? It will be nothing short of amazing, and you will likely remember this marvelous experience for a number of years to come.


Let the fun begin

One of the most remarkable things to do in life is to sit in a top of the line luxury, or sport car. Note that this will not happen too often in your life. These cars are super expensive and if you find it hard to believe, try visiting a showroom in Dubai and ask the prices. You will feel very lucky to have had this car at your disposal.


It’s cheaper than others

There is no denying the fact that your rent a car is the key to exploring tourism sites in the city. Wait – why not use other forms of transportations available in the city? Well, for several reasons you might want to avoid those. It is time to think about renting the car of your choice. If you are more into sports, or supercars, try rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and have a great experience.

Finding a top quality interior designer: Steps to take

There are countless people out there these days that are interested in hiring interior design companies in UAE. However, a majority of them find themselves getting confused because of the sheer number of vendors available these days. When people set out to find one as per their requirements, they end up getting overwhelmed and frustrated as to which one to hire because every single one out there claims to be the best.


There are actually a few steps that you can take to ensure that you hire a top quality interior designer for your home, office or your restaurant interior designing needs. What steps are these? Let us take a look:


  1. Do not ignore recommendations

To begin with, it is extremely important for you to acquire recommendations from your family members, friends and colleagues about the interior designing companies that they know of. You need to remember that these services have become very popular over the last few years and there is a good chance that you would know someone who has previously hired an interior designer. Speak to the people that you are close to and acquire information from them about the vendors that they used. Apart from finding out about the sort of experience that they had, you should also inquire about the costs involved in hiring their services.


  1. The internet can help you out too

When you have a list of recommendations, you should focus on the internet to acquire further information about their services. The fact of the matter is that interior designers these days have their own websites so as to showcase their work. Check out the websites of the interior designers that have been recommended to you. When doing so, do not skip on checking out their portfolio. This is going to prove very helpful in terms of determining the quality of services that they have to offer. Best of all, this will help you see whether they have the kind of expertise that you are interested in. Also, go through different discussion boards and see the sort of reviews that they have received on them.


  1. Call them up

Lastly, you need to call up the interior design companies that you have shortlisted and discuss your requirements with them. In case you are on a budget, make sure that you discuss it with them too. Hire the one that you believe will deliver the right services for the right prices. Click here now for more information.


A look at home swimming pools – things to know

Your passion for swimming is not hidden from the world. If you had to choose between the best entertainment events happening near you and swimming, you would dearly go for the latter. With that said, how about taking a peak into your requirements of having a swimming pool at your home? Well, the idea along should have you jump with excitement but once you settle down, you should pay attention to how this can be done. Several ideas float around on what to do to have the swimming pool of choice at your home. Your love, and passion for swimming will almost certainly lead you to have one at your home and rightly so. After all, it will give you freedom to swim in it whenever you like without investing a penny for doing. With a swimming pool at home, there are things you need to know that will help turn your pool into a top class one. You need to pay attention to the availability of swimming pool equipment supplier and search for the one that matters. How will you know if the swimming pool equipment will work well for your pool? It requires you to do some studies first for which you can simply go online. It shouldn’t be too difficult to search for equipment suppliers online so do it as soon as you can and ensure that you end up finding the best in the market:

First things first

First of all, you need to have the swimming pool built which is the most important part. Likewise, it will matter more if you could search for swimming pool maker before starting your search for swimming pool equipment. It will let you understand the importance of the pool. It will also help you know how to keep your fresh, brand new pool in the best possible shape which is absolutely necessary. You will not regret doing either so do it as soon as you can.

Bring in the experts

It is important to note that your swimming pool needs to be built by the experts only. They’ll know things to do and will do them as needed. From examining the terrain and floor, the soil and the amount of water needed to keep the pool full without letting the moisture spreading in the nearby terrain, everything needs to be thought after.

In the meantime, you can also have the terrain experts to equip your home with goodies like artificial grass if you need.